Jumpsuit January with Happy French Gang!


Feelin’ Good with Happy French Gang

A few months ago we started hosting monthly pop ups from our favorite designers in our 24th street retail shop. The pop ups have quickly become a customer (and staff!) favorite! This month, we brought in Happy French Gang, a line of playful and super comfortable jumpsuits! I chatted with Sandra Dejanovic, the woman behind the jumpsuits, and learned a little more about what inspires her!

Sandra, rocking our avocado sweatshirt!

Sandra, rocking our avocado sweatshirt!

Who are you and what do you do?

 Hi Jennie! My name is Sandra Dejanovic and I’m behind the brand Happy French Gang. I usually say that I’m a textile designer to make it short! But I am an Industrial Engineer who worked as such for 5 years in Paris and then started its own textile company here in San Francisco. Basically, I design every collection, design the fabric that is waved for us and also make myself some of the items sold in the shop like the tie-dye collection!

Your jumpsuits are made in India. Can you tell me about how you found the collective you work with and how they produce your products?

I was doing everything myself until a year ago, it was too much on my shoulders and couldn’t make the business grow anymore! I tried to find help here in the bay area but nothing was making sense to me so I decided to travel to India and see what that travel would bring to me! I stayed 3 weeks, visited tons of artisans, workshops, industries, nothing was planned in advance and I expected nothing, I just had hopes! Finally at the very end I found the perfect woman owned cooperative. 
The team was still new and I had a good feeling about them, I felt that the employees were happy and relaxed there and that the facilities were cleaned, organized. Also they just expanded to dedicate a room to block print.


Most importantly the process of making the clothes is amazing and that is why I choose to work with them. They work with 3 farmers that hand-spun and hand-wave the cotton in different places in India. They met them during textile trips the owner made the last 3 years. They receive the fabric and do everything else in their facilities in Rajasthan: dying, block-printing, sewing and hand-stitching the cotton.

I came with a pattern and ordered my first 20 jumpsuits directly while I visited the space. I wanted to see how good the work would be and I was not disappointed.

Also I love that we know every people that participate to make each items. It’s a sustainable process and I feel really good about it.


We love your fun jumpsuits! What inspired your design?

A year and half ago I had a flash about my mum making me jumpsuits, I was about 10 years old and I remember clearly a pink and a black printed onesie. I also remember that I was feeling really comfortable and kind of… super cool!

Well… I wanted to bring back that great feeling into my life!

4. What are you looking forward to most in 2019?

Meeting new people, collaborate more, and make hand-painted jumpsuits and dresses!! 

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