The Jenny Lemons Gallery

Each month, we invite local artists to install work in our storefront window and on the walls of our studio. The artist chosen for the window gallery creates a site specific installation and is awarded a stipend. Our artists are encouraged to sell their work in our shop. If they don't have a specific product already developed, we work with them to create an item in which we can market and sell, creating a supportive outlet for artists to get paid. 


January Featured Artists

Lidija Ristic: Window Gallery

IntheGardenFauxFawning sm.jpg
HowMyGardenGrows9 sm.jpg

With the visual metaphors made possible by collage I can force contradictory ideas to co-exist in the same reality. The result of such combinations creates new perspectives through which we can view familiar objects and re-examine the ideas they elicit. Plastic leaves, astro turf and LED lights each chosen for their specific context, are transformed into a new entity through the alchemy created by their proximity to each other.  

Lidija studied at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Boston, in both the painting and sculpture departments. Formal training in color theory and figure studies still informs her work in both forms. After receiving her BFA in sculpture in 2010, Lidija made her new home in the Bay Area and since has co-founded 24k Studios in the Mission- where she has coordinated exhibitions and currently makes her own work. More recently she co-founded the mobile gallery, 24k Studios Presents, the art-truck satellite of the Mission art space. Through this gallery-on-wheels she has continued to co-curated and organize many events around the city of San Francisco and the Bay Area. Her work has been displayed in various galleries and publications both nationally and internationally.


Jennifer Kindell: Studio Gallery


Jen Kindell is an artist based in the Mission. She is passionate about the mystery of plants, community building and the intersection of both. This collection of hand-printed screen prints are inspired by the vendors at the local Mission Community Market where she has been sharing her works with the community since 2013.