Workshop FAQ

Can my child attend a workshop?

All workshops are for adults age 18 and up. If you'd like plan a class or party for kids, let us know! We'd love to host you. Reach out to us at

What's your cancellation policy?

We work hard to put together a meaningful and valuable workshop for you. This includes preparing delicious food and gathering materials for each student. Because of this, we cannot allow any cancellations or refunds 72 hours before the workshop date. 

Tell me more about your scholarship program!

In order to better serve our community, Jenny Lemons has created a need-based scholarship program.  Purchase a ticket for yourself and consider buying one for someone who may not be able to afford our workshops. Money gathered from contributions will be collected in a pool and shared with scholarship applicants to all of our workshops.  Just select "Buy a Seat For Someone Else" when you checkout, and we'll attirbute your donation to the fund. 

To apply for a scholarship, please email us at