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Weaving on a Loom with Thick Yarn and Roving

Do you see a fluffy woven wall hanging and just swoon? Does the high price tags on that work turn you away? Learning how to weave is very easy and rewarding! You will be addicted in no time!

In this workshop we will learn the basics of weaving including how to warp a loom, how to weave with a needle, and how to use different kinds of yarn. We will learn some fancy weaving techniques like Rya (aka tassels) and Soumak- a decorative braid embellishment. We've chosen some really beautiful yarn for everyone to use! We have natural roving and soft wool yarns in muted tones, cotton cord, and acrylic yarn in crazy colors. 

This workshop includes all materials and each student will go home with their project, weaving tools, and a high quality hand held loom. The loom is constructed from hardwoods and was made in America. 

Snacks, wine, beverages and 20% off of everything in the our shop is included!